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About Jennie
Being diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2014 was a nightmare. I was terrified! I knew what diabetes looks like; the chronic illness, the heart disease, the amputations, the overwhelming weight gain, and the early death. I prayed it would "just go away".

Ask any almost any doctor and he will tell you that pre-diabetes and diabetes don't "go away" and are irreversible, chronic, progressive diseases. I had learned this myself in my Paramedic training.  

But even doctors (and Paramedics) can be wrong.

My answer to prayer was at my fingertips. I spent hundreds of hours reading studies and listening to lectures. I refreshed my learning in biology.

Then I found it!

I found a scientifically proven way to reverse prediabetes and diabetes!

And even more amazing? It has also been shown to improve all sorts of chronic disease! Arthritis, Alzheimer's/Dementia, Asthma, IBS, High Cholesterol, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Failure, Cancer, MS, and that is just to name a few! As I began telling people about it, I felt it almost sounded like I was selling snake oil!

I jumped right on the wagon and in 3 months I was no longer considered pre-diabetic and by 6 months I had dropped 70lbs, stabilized my hormones, and lowered my Cholesterol. (Oh, and I was off my asthma medications too! I just didn't need them!)

Yey! I'm cured! End of story! ..... 

Not quite.

Hello, my name is Jennie and I am human.

I fell off that wagon in December of that same year after I had a miscarriage. I was devastated and I just didn't care about my body. In fact I was pretty pissed off that my body would betray me like that.
I was off plan for about 1 year. The bad prediabetes diagnosis came back, I needed asthma medication again, and I put back on 10lbs. The good news...10lbs in a year is a lot less than I put back on with any other plan I gave up on and this time was different because I felt terrible! Why is that good? All I wanted to do was get my energy back and feel amazing again!

I was so frustrated! I had the knowledge about what to do, but couldn't find the will to do it.

Then it hit me. I had left my biggest assets behind. I had prayed for help and then just ignored God (like I am ashamed I have done other times in the past too) and I was neglecting the greatest tools He gave me: scripture and my brain!

I made a conscious decision to pray daily and thank God for the great work He was doing in me! I made a commitment to search out the scriptures that spoke to me! I made a promise to utilize the amazing mind-body connection we were gifted with from birth.

What a difference! My body is now back to healing and while I am still on my journey I feel so much joy and peace now.

What if there was a way for you to learn how to heal your body and avoid all the pitfalls by establishing your routine in the Spirit, the mind, AND the body so you don't have to "fall off the wagon". What if this plan was easy because it was written just for you and with you? What if you could learn how to reverse your pre-diabetes (lowering your A1c in as little as 30 days) and never have to worry about getting diabetes? What if you could increase your energy...physically and spiritually? What if you could do all of this while still living your busy life? 

There is...

This is exactly why I created the Prediabetes Solution System, a unique blend of science and faith come together to create a program that will lead you down YOUR personal path to wellness--both physically and spiritually without you having to spend hours and days pouring over the studies and struggling to find the answers like I did.   

This program has helped so many women to reach their health goals, lose the extra weight, come to peace with their minds and bodies, and even help them start healing their families.  What greater gift than to be able to share newfound health with those you love!

The Prediabetes Solution System Coaching Program
Coaching has been scientifically proven to help you reach your goals faster and easier!  Now there is a plan that is built JUST AROUND YOU!  How do we do it?  Through online education, soulful discussion, and a handy app!  

If you have never tried coaching or want to learn more about how The Prediabetes Solution System can help you reach YOUR goals QUICKLY and EASILY  just click the button below and schedule a FREE chat.  

I promise you will walk away with a greater understanding of your health and how to heal your body, mind, and soul.
Yummy food in a personalized plan developed to fit your body's needs, your lifestyle needs, and your tastes!
Learn how to connect your faith and your health, rejoicing in the body God gave you and giving it back to Him.
Get unrivaled accountability and partnership from the woman who literally WROTE the program! 


The Prediabetes Solution System

This is the program that started it all!  An in-depth combination of learning and coaching designed to get you to your goal at a record rate!  Trying to lower your A1c or Blood Sugars?  Struggling with hard to lose weight?  Hormones a nightmare because of Insulin Resistance?  Just trying to NOT end up a diabetic on insulin?  This is the program for you.  This is a HIGHLY personalized one on one coaching program.  The Meal Mastery System, Personal In-Depth Diet Review, and Keto Kickstart (or similar for your dietary needs) are all included in this system.

Personal In-Depth Diet Review

This 60 Minute Zoom Call will give you deep insight to what foods you may be eating that are causing your stalls or blood sugar issues. This call is all about the WHAT you are eating and provides you with instant information to make changes TODAY so you can SLIM DOWN QUICKER and NORMALIZE YOUR BLOOD LEVELS FASTER!

Meal Mastery System

This 5 Step Program is the key to making mealtime SUPER EASY! Answers for every situation. No more searching Pinterest for hours for recipes or endless meal planning so you can spend your new found energy doing what you really love!
Not Keto? Don't fret! This system works for whatever plan you are focusing on!
It's like having a personal chef in your pocket!

Keto Kickstart

The Keto Kickstart Program is designed for first time Keto dieters and teaches you the key to unlocking your fat burning, body healing ketone production so you can lose the weight and get your Prediabetes under control!
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