Together we design a food plan that is personalized For:

***Your Body's Needs- What you eat and when you eat are important for healing your body and helping it perform at it's best and restoring your energy!

***Your Lifestyle Needs- Are you on the go?  Do you cook every meal or eat on the run?  Do you struggle with a family that doesn't want to change their food?

***Your Palate- If you don't enjoy the food you are won't keep eating it!  Some do well on the same menu over and over while some NEED variety. 

And then you get the plan in an easy to use app for your computer and phone!  

God gives us the choice and the responsibility to fill our minds and our lives with Him.  Did you know that by doing this you can actually make those Food and Lifestyle changes stick for the long run?  And you will have motivation even on those really tough days!

Have you ever thought about how taking care of your body can actually be a form of worship?  God has given us this temple and we are charged with caring for it just as the pastor at your church is responsible for caring for that building.  It is an act of love.  

Together we explore how loving God with your whole mind can help you to honor the temple that He has given you!  You will learn how to handle the bumps in the road of life that can often derail you in a new, Spirit filled way and reprogram your neural network to make it automatic to "Seek first the Kingdom". 

In this unique 90 day one-on-one coaching plan we will take all the great information you learn about food and faith and create action steps coupled with accountability to make the changes FASTER and EASIER!  

Imagine being able to personally partner with the woman who literally WROTE the program!  And having her on the other end of a zoom call once a week to hold you accountable and answer your questions.  Now, add to that, access by email and messenger during business hours for the entire length of your program!  

That is what you get with my Prediabetes Solution System Coaching Program!
I wish I could guarantee admittance to all but due to the high level of support given I have limited spaces available.  

The Mayo Clinic Talks About
Health Coaching
Dr. OZ Talks About
Health Coaching
Have You Checked Out "This Little Light"
Did you know that how you treat your body can be a form of Worship?  God gave us this AMAZING body so that we can deliver the message He has given be the light in the world.
Join us weekly for an hour of Worship, Learning and Good Ol' Fun!
Want to get even more information!  This group is designed to make your life easier and better while fighting Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance. AND IT IS FREE!
Come learn and while being surrounded by a community of women who are experiencing the same struggles as you!
Psychologist and Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program medical expert Matthew Clark, Ph. D., L.P. discusses the benefits of a health coach for helping you reach your long-term goals based on the study done at the Mayo Clinic.  

Other Trainings Available

Keto Kickstart

The Keto Kickstart Program is designed for first time Keto dieters and teaches you the key to start unlocking your fat burning, body healing ketone production so you can lose the weight and get your Prediabetes under control!

Meal Mastery System

This 5 Step Program is the key to making mealtime SUPER EASY! Answers for every situation. No more searching Pinterest for hours for recipes or endless meal planning so you can spend your new found energy doing what you really love!  
Not Keto?  Don't fret!  This system works for whatever plan you are focusing on!
It's like having a personal chef in your pocket!

Personal In-Depth Diet Review

This 60 Minute Zoom Call will give you deep insight to what foods you may be eating that are causing your stalls or blood sugar issues.  This call is all about the WHAT you are eating and provides you with instant information to make changes TODAY so you can SLIM DOWN QUICKER and NORMALIZE YOUR BLOOD LEVELS FASTER!
Unsure of what you need?  Don't hesitate to reach out by email or phone for a personalized charge.  It's about getting you healthy!
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