Policies and Procedures




Enrolling in Programs

Prior to beginning any program, full payment or a payment plan must be in place. PayPal offers interest free payment plans to qualified individuals subject to a 2.9% surcharge, plus any additional fees charged by PayPal.  A 2-3 installment payment plan may be available in house for some programs. Clients who establish a payment plan and pay for their programs using a debit or credit card should anticipate that the payments will be automatically withdrawn on the same day each month, unless otherwise approved. VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, Union Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay credit or bank debit cards may be used for automatic payment plans.


Delinquent Accounts

Should an account become delinquent, JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS reserves the right to take any or all of the following actions:

1. Assess a monthly late fee of $25.

2. Withhold the certificate of completion until all costs are fully paid.

3. Withdraw the client from the program with forfeiture of monies paid to date.

4. Submit the client’s outstanding balance to an agency for collection after 6 months.

Payment plans must be completely satisfied before clients will receive certificates of completion.




Clients who have registered for a program may cancel their reservation without penalty 7 or more days before the program begins, with the option of either receiving a full refund or applying the credit paid to another program or subsequent session of the same program. Clients wishing to receive a refund should email a request to jennie@jenniehays.com . Refunds will be processed within 1 week of receipt of the written request.

If a client cancels within the time period of 1 week before the program begins through the first week after the program start date, we will refund the full amount paid, minus an administrative fee of $200. Refunds are not available after the first week of the program.

Refunds are not available for books or program manuals which have been provided to the client.

Jennie’s Health Solutions will work with clients dealing with unforeseen personal circumstances who would like to continue their training at a later date, allowing the client to transfer the registration to a later session of the program.  If the client is in a current payment plan, future payments my be suspended for up to 6 months then will resume unless the client contacts Jennie’s Health Solutions at jennie@jenniehays.com to arrange for a later date to resume the program.  The program may change during this absence, but every effort will be made to fulfill the original agreement.

In the event that Jennie’s Health Solutions must cancel a program, every effort will be made to place the client in a later offering of the program, work with the client to find an alternative program and transfer the funds to that program, or refund the client’s money.

Self-Directed Programs

Clients who have enrolled in JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS’ self-directed programs may withdrawal from the program without penalty within the first 14 days of being granted program access. Clients who have accessed the second module will not be given a refund.


JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS reserves the right to terminate a client’s participation in our program if certain behaviors are present such as:

1. Failure to adhere to these Policies and Procedures

2. An inability to demonstrate teamwork and respect for others in the program

3. Behavior with is deemed to be unethical, as defined by the ICF Code ofEthics

4. Non-payment

5. Inability to follow redirection

6. Disruptive influence, in the program or via email

7. Infractions of the JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

8. Failure to maintain anonymity of fellow clients

9. Subversive activities (triangulation, bullying, discrimination, or harassment)




When registering for a JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS program, clients must agree to the following:

1. I will interact with my program mates, JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS staff, and instructors in a timely, professional, and responsible manner, and will avoid the use of abusive, discriminating language, sexually explicit or derogatory comments, or overly critical responses, appreciating that each of us has a right to our opinions, perceptions and to respect.

2. I understand that this is a Christian based program and thereby will respect others who speak of religion and will not take offence to mention of the Bible, Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit, or any other religious teachings or figures.  I understand that questioning beliefs is an important part of any coaching program but agree not to be aggressive or harassing of any clients or staff based on their views.  We are here to learn and grow with each other.

3. I agree to protect the privacy and anonymity of other clients during programs, peer groups, online groups, or via e-mail, and will not discuss their behaviors, communications, opinions, beliefs with anyone without permission.

4. I agree to protect the confidentiality of any and all materials supplied as part of JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS’s program and will not use any copyrighted materials provided without written permission from JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS’s administration and faculty, in compliance with U.S. Copyright laws.

5. In accordance with Federal and State laws and JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS’s policy, I will not record any teleprogram or online session without permission of JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS, the instructor, and all program participants.

a) Instructors may record the program to enhance client learning, but only after receiving permission from all program participants. These recordings will only be for the use of coaches and participants and will be stored securely. 

b) Clients may request copies of recorded 1:1 coaching sessions.  Group recordings may be available upon request with administration and client approval.

6. I will not give the JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS program connection information or contact information of fellow clients to anyone not enrolled in the program.

7. I agree that faculty may, at their discretion, discuss clients and their information confidentially with JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS Administration.

8. Limits of Confidentiality, in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics

a) I understand that confidentiality may not be maintained under certain conditions, including illegal activity, pursuant to valid court order, or subpoena, imminent or likely risk of danger to self or to others, etc. and acknowledge that, in such cases, JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS may need to inform appropriate authorities.



In accordance with JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS’s commitment to maintain client’s privacy, JENNIE’S HEALTH SOLUTIONS will not share personal information with any outside organization or individual without a client’s permission.  Client’s contact information (name, email address, phone number, city and state) is usually shared with fellow clients as part of a group program roster. If a client would prefer not to have their contact information included on the program roster, they will need to email jennie@jenniehays.com.