"You are the light of the world....let your light shine before others..." Matt 5: 14-16

Shining our light has never been harder.  This COVID world we are living in feels so dark and isolated at times.  You can't even see a friendly smile.  But it isn't only masks that keep our light from shining.

In This Little Light we will explore what scripture and science say about how our spirit, mind, and body all are important parts of letting that light shine...part of getting His message out to the world.

Come join us for a unique worship experience where Christian women can gather for prayer, community, learning, and laughter.  Even some singing with no masks! (I have missed that!)

Each week we will meet for an hour at 7pm CST on a Zoom call.  (Not worries I will give you info on how to do easy!)

Every attendee will get an email after the meeting with a recipe for a yummy, healthy snack or mocktail! 

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