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My Name is Jennie Hays, and I'm a Licensed Paramedic, Speaker, and Coach that partners with Prediabetic Christian women around the world to empower them to regain their health and youthful energy so they can live abundant and fruitful lives
Discover the power of Accountability and Expertise!  It's like having a world class GPS for your health.  Guaranteed to help you achieve your goals faster and easier.  
This Little Light Worship
Join like-minded women in a unique, fun, Worship experience where every week we explore how caring for our body can help our light shine for God's Glory and Purpose! 
Facebook Group
Connect with other women who are reversing their Pre-Diabetes and get regular tidbits discussing everything from practical tips to the latest science and how your faith can be the key to success!
Looking for a product to help in your transformative journey from Existing to Living as you Ditch the Diabetes Risk?  These are winners!
Stay up to date on the newest information in healing Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance.  And learn how to strengthen your walk with Christ as you learn to honor the temple He blessed you with.
Coaching is a wonderful innovation in the health and wellness environment.  When you hire a coach you get more than an expert you can ask questions, you get someone who knows how to as you the right questions to help you set achievable goals, stay motivated, navigate challenges and build confidence to make the changes last. 
You will hear people say that "Diabetes can't be reversed"--I disagree!  And so does the science.  And you don't have to eat "diet" food for the rest of your life!
We can show you how to develop a program that fits your life, your tastes, you body without giving everything up forever.  This is all about YOU!
Jennie's Health Solutions has several coaching programs for most needs and budgets and can even develop a customized program for you. 
This Little Light
Craving community and healing in this crazy COVID world?  The great news is that God is still in control.  Join us weekly to spend some quality time in Worship, communing with other Godly women, and learning how staying healthy can help us to shine our light into the world.  
This FREE ministry is designed for Christian women who seek to grow closer to God and worship Him with their whole selves...mind, soul, and body.
Each week you will also get a fun mocktail, snack, or dessert recipe to provide a little spark in your day!
Can't be with us live?  Watch us on Youtube!
Facebook Group
Yet another free way to connect and learn!  I love giving and by joining my Facebook group you are on my list!  List for freebies, and Office Hours (where I do some teaching and answer all sorts of questions!), and more!  Come learn and share with other women who are healing their bodies using faith and the latest science!
Products I Love
This is a fun page for me.  I love listing the products that I have found that make my journey easier so you don't have to waste time and money on all the "duds"!  
A couple of these I do get a small fee for selling, but most I do not and I promise to always let you know!  The way I see it when you love something you want the world to know!!  
And when I am often get a DISCOUNT!!!  Even better!!! Because SALE is my favorite 4 letter word.
" will feel so much better about yourself..."
“I wasn’t getting the benefits that I figured I should be getting and was to the point of giving up. I was over complicating things Jennie got me to change things about and my weight loss kicked back in! I am at my goal weight now it's sticking!
I am so thankful that Jennie has shown me so much. She is very genuine and caring about helping others on this journey and I’m grateful that we found each other.
Do this program you will not be disappointed and you will feel so much better about yourself and it’s a lifestyle change"
- Rhoda T.
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